Become conversational in German

Choosing a course is so much of a commitment that sometimes we don’t choose at all. It involves sitting in classes, and doing homework, over a longer period of time, something that can be painful. We designed this course to minimise time spent and maximise personalised learning.

Maybe you dreamt of already speaking German by now, but in reality you still struggle to get along in our foreign language environment?

You’re invited to try this new method that we worked on for 8 years and are getting proof about its effectiveness. 

It’s highly personalised, uses effective and simple methods, and will not reduce your weekly flexibility much.

One lesson per week!

Hi, I’m Alex and I speak 4 languages fluently, in addition to conversational French and basic Russian and Georgian. I also had 6 years of Latin in my Austrian high school 🤓. I’ve tried most learning methods, and have now created a simple but effective structure, out of frustration with existing offers.s

Your weekly commitment:

🖥️ One 45 minute Zoom lesson, individual or in small groups.

📲 Daily 10-20 minutes of memorising phrases on our app.

🎧 30-60 weekly minutes of listening practice with interesting content. 

That’s 3-4 hours of effective learning every week, most of which can be done in the bus, while walking, while waiting, or with a morning coffee.

Not bad eh.

These are my goals for you

  • You can understand when people speak fast because you listened to authentic audio content for 6-12 hours.

  • You know correct things to say because you memorized 400-600 phrases into your long-term memory. 

  • You have good pronunciation because you practiced with audioclips and a pronunciation trainer. 

  • And most of all, you feel comfortable speaking because you've had 12 conversations. 

You won’t be fluent, but you’ll have the experience and the tools needed to improve to fluency from there. And a highly personalised vocabulary, because I record the phrases that you need to express yourself for you to practice.

Be aware that you need to build up some new routines to be successful.

Let’s start with your interests

Please fill out the form below to see the payment page and choose your first lesson time (multiple slots on Fridays).

Train the competences you need

For 8 years we’ve tried and selected the best methods for learning fast:

Language Parenting

Get comfortable speaking with native speakers.

Your teacher speaks with you like with a kid, trying to understand what you’re saying and feeding it back the correct way. Make mistakes and then enjoy that you learned how to say it right.

Spaced Repetition

Know correct and personalised things to say with the right pronunciation.

Our app helps you get the phrase recordings from class into your long-term memory the fastest way. It’s just another flashcard app where you return daily and practice what is available.


Understanding native speakers is one of the hardest challenges. But it is possible to train your listening skills.

Follow our instructions for comfortable practice by watching the same videos with two subtitles multiple times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchases?

If you are unsatisfied with your lessons, reach out to us and we will see if we can give you a refund.

How do I schedule my classes?

Upon purchasing, you'll receive further instructions on how to book your weeky classes.

How many lessons do I get?

This is a 12-week program to get you conversational in German. You have the right to one lesson per week. If you don’t schedule a lesson in a week, you lose it so make sure not to forget (we will send you emails to remind you).

What topics can we talk about?

Any topic really. I have a wide range of interests and can even help you with documents and practical things in German.

What your first weeks will look like:

  1. I recorded three simple-medium phrase videos with phrases you should know. With the links under each video you can download and practice the phrases on your phone.
  2. During our first lesson, I will get an understanding of your level and will record personalised phrases for you to practice during the week.
  3. I will also introduce the Listening-Reading method with you and we will pick interesting content for you to practice with.
  4. We may share our grammar guides and interesting explanation videos with you, based on your level and needs.

Spots are limited, so first come and first served.

I might record some lessons if that’s ok and maybe use a few seconds of it to show your process of improving (that’s why the price is €18.75 per lesson, instead of the usual €40).

Lessons take around 45 minutes. You can just book, and Alex can show you everything in the lesson. No need to download an app or look at material, but you can already download and practice the first phrases if you like.

Every lesson is personalised to your level, vocabulary, and interests.

You’ll have your first lesson alone, and may be joined by 1-2 similar learners in the future.

Less than €19 per lesson