Try remembering phrases

Pay a teacher or ask a friend to record them. 45 minutes every week.

It's like a child learns, just optimised for adults with 21st century technologies. Our step-by-step course shows you how to work with a tutor, practice YOUR personal phrases, and listen to native speakers until you understand them.

Lingophant vs. other apps

✅ Highly effective

Personalised content

Real human recordings made just for you

Natural language use

Effective listening (although Duolingo stories on Spotify are great)🟠

Social business vs. for-profit

Lingophant vs. Classroom

1 flexible lesson per week

✅ Quickly practice anywhere

Learn grammar mainly by recognising patterns

Language Soaking Method

Need-driven vocabulary instead of textbook-based lectures

Cheaper and more personalised

UNIQUE: Pay afterwards, based on your success.

It should be like a serious hobby. But we minimise the time spent until it becomes natural and fun.

We think 12 weeks is enough to get in the flow. Lingophant was built for busy and lazy people who don't have time for shitty learning.

Be able to speak and have fun

Know 400 correct phrases to say. And practice understanding native speakers for 10 hours. You'll know enough to communicate somewhat naturally.

Keeps our servers and services running

Support a method created by language lovers where the plan is to somehow use 51% of the profits to live anywhere in the world trying to make it a better place and learning languages.

Choose a Pricing Option

All offers have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Two weeks for the basics, then you'll have lessons.

Might look a bit like this.

Others don't prepare you for real conversations. We do. Promise ✌️

Twelve weeks of conversations, listening, and 400+ sentences.

Feel confident.

There's no better beginning to a wonderful journey.

Start as a worm: just daily digging.

Your time is too valuable for shitty language learning

Give us a chance to share the joy of language learning. Learn how to travel with respect for other people's cultures. Be able to feel at home anywhere.

Find your new voice

You're a lizard

A what?

A lizard, Harry.

It's the magic how a child might learn a language, just optimised for adults with 21st century technologies.