We combine the three best methods, for 12 weeks.

Follow our conversational and high-input approach, supported with our specially developed mobile app.

It's like a child learns, just optimised for adults with 21st century technologies. Our step-by-step course shows you how to work with a tutor, practice YOUR personal phrases, and listen to native speakers until you understand them.

Lingophant vs. Duolingo

✅ Highly effective practicing (SRS) ❌

Personalised content

Real human recordings made just for you

Natural language use

Effective listening (although Duolingo stories on Spotify are great)🟠

Social business vs. for-profit

Lingophant vs. Classroom

1 flexible lesson per week

✅ Quickly practice anywhere

Learn grammar by recognising patterns 🟠

Listening-Reading Method

Need-driven vocabulary instead of textbook-based lectures

Cheaper and more personalised

UNIQUE: Pay afterwards, based on your success.

Time commitment: 1,5 hours + practice anywhere.

Not bad for becoming conversational. Lingophant was built for busy people who don't have time for mediocre learning.

End result: Be able to speak and have fun

Know 400 correct phrases to say. You'll have understood 11 recordings of native speakers, and 12 conversations. Enough to communicate naturally.

Your money: Keeps our servers and services running

We pay around € 150 for servers and services, and our current app roadmap will also cost € 3000+.

Support a method created by language lovers, not MBA's and marketers.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Others don't prepare you for real conversations. We do. Promise ✌️

Twelve weeks of conversations, listening, and 400+ sentences.

Feel confident.

There's no better beginning to a wonderful journey.

Your time is too valuable for shitty language learning

Give us a chance to share the joy of language learning. Learn how to travel with respect for other people's cultures. Be able to feel at home anywhere.

Find your new voice.