Three types of activities in courses

  1. Watch content and explanation videos on the platform to train your listening skills.

  2. Practice speaking with native speakers in Zoom lessons. They can record phrases with words you need or mistakes to fix. 

  3. Download phrases onto your Lingophant app. Listen to them on repeat, try to memorize them efficiently, and fix your pronounciation of words. 

Together, these activities can prepare you to:

Understand native speakers

Learn how to apply a polyglot method called Listening-Reading.

After watching multiple videos with two subtitles, you develop a natural feeling for the language.

And content for native speakers can be enjoyable.

Know what to say

Right from the beginning you’ll have conversations with native speakers, making it natural for you to communicate.

Your teachers will record hundreds of personalised and correct phrases for you during the lessons, so you’ll have a lot to say.

Keep your motivation

The system is pretty simple and you don’t need to spend effort on thinking what to do.

You just watch the videos each week, you practice on the app, and you have your lesson.

That’s it, and once you see the results you might just be happy to continue.

What makes us different from what’s out there already?

  • Most apps have boring standardised content that sometimes doesn’t even make sense. It feels like they’re made for robots. We create a personalised experience for languages.

  • Courses can be difficult to produce and get right. We support content creators with everything they need to create quality content.

  • Instead of one activity, we combine different types of media in a way that serves your learning.

  • Our app requires effort. We want you to spend your time as effectively as possible, so you can enjoy real life.

  • Because we don’t want to sell you something that doesn’t work, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. Just give us some feedback, smilie.

Badhri J. - After 4 weeks of free group lessons.

"It was perfect for me. Actually my friends say that my German has improved a lot.

It was really interactive. I had a lot of fun. It's the best thing.

It was really easy since the phrases were posted as soon as the sessions got over.

Eventhough I have completed A2 German I still found it really difficult to talk in German.

Talking in German was a real problem for me

I am now able to communicate on German. Online training is not my thing but still I was really able to improve to listening reading technique.

Last month I visited many shops and the shocking thing was that I was able to communicate in German with the shopkeepers.

You guys are awesome. Your personal care was the best. No one can be as friendly as you guys 😁"

Your time is too valuable for shitty language learning